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Presentation: Resistance management in spring bareground programs

Success controlling weeds in bareground season requires a program approach to help manage resistance. Learn about the challenges involved, including the causes of resistance, rotation strategies, and BASF herbicide solutions that help keep baregrounds bare.

Presentation: Protect pine growth and profits with PTM Insecticide

The pine tip moth is widespread throughout the southeastern United States, causing significant reductions in loblolly pine growth in new pine plantations. Learn how PTM Insecticide provides long-term control of pine tip moths and other forest pests.

White Papers

Webinar: Spring Herbaceous Weed Control in Southern Pine 

Protect pine early to ensure a strong finish. In this pre-recorded webinar, learn about the importance of herbaceous weed control, treatment options and timing, and BASF solutions.

White Paper: Estimating Financial Returns from Mid-Rotation Release in Coastal Plain Loblolly Pine Plantations

Financial rates of return are estimated for mid-rotation release from hardwood competition for Coastal Plain loblolly pine plantations. Economic benefits were measured against the costs required to obtain those benefits.  

Articles & Publications

Podcast: How to calibrate a backpack sprayer

Video: Low Volume herbicide application