PTM Insecticide

The most common insect pest affecting young pine plantations is the Nantucket pine tip moth. Tip moth attacks can slow the growth of trees and adversely affect the quality of the wood — biting into profits. Fortunately, BASF's PTM Insecticide can help. Research conducted by the Western Gulf Forest Pest Management Cooperative showed that a single application of PTM provided excellent tip moth control into the third year after treatment. This, in turn, resulted in a significant boost in pine growth. 

PTM Benefits

* Unlike other tip moth insecticides, which must be sprayed repeatedly on young pines, PTM is a one-time-use product that is injected into the soil, a rootball or container grown pine seedling. PTM can also be used as a soil application for control of Fire Ants and Leaf Cutter Ants.
For the same level of control as a single application of PTM, other products need to be sprayed as many as five times a year for multiple years.
* Research shows that PTM is consistently effective on a variety of soil types.

Always read and follow label directions.

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