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Arsenal prevents re-sprouting, eliminates re-treats and saves money on treatment and labor.
Arsenal Herbicide Applicators Concentrate now brings the proven ability to control unwanted vegetation in all terrestrial forestry and industrial sites along with aquatic sites all in one product. Arsenal Herbicide Applicators Concentrate is the product for all your vegetation control needs.
Power up your brush control. Arsenal Powerline herbicide with Transport Technology is a unique formulation that provides superior, long-term control of undesirable vegetation in utility, roadside, right-of-ways and railroad settings.

Bas-Oil spray indicators help show where oil-based herbicides have been applied, increasing accuracy and reducing wasted product.

For years, landowners, consultants and applicators have gotten industry-leading performance from Chopper® herbicide. Now, you can upgrade to something even better: Chopper GEN2.

Highly concentrated, Colorfast water soluble spray indicators make pest control product applications easy to see with only a small amount of product.

Detail herbicide is a new herbicide for industrial bareground sites, utility substations, roadsides, railroads, utility rights-of-way and forestry sites. Featuring a new mode of action that inhibits the production of an enzyme in plants, Detail speeds the burn-down of existing weeds without disrupting translocation to the roots.  As a tank-mix partner, Detail controls existing weeds that have developed a resistance to other commonly used herbicides and provides excellent broadleaf control (at 1 oz. to 2 oz. per acre).  

Frequency herbicide is a new herbicide for industrial bareground sites, utility substations, roadsides and railroads.

For every industrial area, Hi-Light blue and red spray pattern indicators ensure accurate and effective application of pesticides.

Overdrive is a unique, low-rate use herbicide that provides postemergent control of a broad spectrum of annual, perennial and biennial broadleaf species.
For reliability and versatility, nothing beats Plateau. Plateau provides long-term suppression of common roadside grasses like tall fescue, Bahiagrass and smooth bromegrass – as well as invasive and noxious species like cheatgrass and leafy spurge.
The most common insect pest affecting young pine plantations is the Nantucket pine tip moth. Tip moth attacks can slow the growth of trees and adversely affect the quality of the wood — biting into profits. Fortunately, BASF's PTM Insecticide can help.
Just one application of Sahara DG provides complete burndown and total bareground control of 150 species of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and vines.
Specifically formulated for use in winter-season basal bark, cut surface, injection and cut stubble applications, Stalker provides broad-spectrum hardwood brush control and helps reduce re-treats all year long.

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