Site preparation with imazapyr

Recent articles have suggested that imazapyr rates in the fall are excessive and may damage newly-planted trees. Jim Bean discusses other factors that may be impacting certain coastal sites planted with pine varieties, and provides recommendations to minimize height growth inhibition.

Increasing sawtimber value

Sawtimber is a highly attractive product to grow, especially in many parts of the Southeastern U.S. Strategic Accounts Manager Jim Bean shares how to increase sawtimber value and improve wildlife habitat with mid-rotation release herbicide treatments.

Solar farms with cool-season grasses

In this podcast, Jim Bean discusses vegetation management in solar farms where cool-season grasses are established. Learn about herbicide programs from BASF that can significantly reduce labor hours.

Solar farms with warm-season grasses

For solar farms with warm-season grasses, BASF herbicide programs can reduce labor hours and cut mowing and weed-eating costs substantially. Jim Bean discusses grass growth regulation, fence line treatments and weed control.

Basal bark treatments

Basal bark treatments provide effective control of larger brush and can be used in high visibility or sensitive areas. Jim Bean shares information in this podcast on the best sites and times of year for basal treatments and the proper application techniques and equipment.

Cut stump treatments

Anytime hardwood stems are cut to prevent resprouting from the root system, cut stump treatments are essential. In this podcast, Jim Bean discusses when and where to make cut stump treatments, which products to use, and the proper application techniques and equipment.

Handling herbicides safely

What’s the safest way to handle herbicides? Jim Bean’s podcast provides tips on proper protection, application and sanitation, along with guidelines on what to do if you happen to be exposed to herbicides.


In this podcast, Jim Bean shares ways to reduce the impacts of rangeland wildfires and restore native plants following fires. Jim discusses effective chemistries to control invasive plants, which can burn hot and increase the damage from wildfires.


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