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Welcome to bettervm.basf.us – your source for effective and efficient solutions for your forestry and industrial vegetation management needs. BASF ProVM gives you access to years of vegetative management expertise and delivers information on new innovative solutions like Detail® herbicide and Frequency® herbicide. BASF continues to be dedicated to the vegetative management business with new innovative products that support and enhance the workhorse line of branded products like Arsenal® herbicide, Chopper® Gen2™ herbicide, Overdrive® herbicide, Plateau® herbicide, PTM™ insecticide and Stalker® herbicide.



Basal Bark Treatments

Basal bark treatments provide effective control of larger brush and can be used in high visibility or sensitive areas. Jim Bean shares information in this podcast on the best sites and times of year for basal treatments and the proper application techniques and equipment.

Cut Stump Treatments

Anytime hardwood stems are cut to prevent resprouting from the root system, cut stump treatments are essential. In this podcast, Jim Bean discusses when and where to make cut stump treatments, which products to use, and the proper application techniques and equipment


2017 BASF ProVM Webinars

You're invited to attend these free webinars presented by Jim Bean, Strategic Accounts Manager, ProVM, Professional and Specialty Solutions at BASF.

Review the schedule below and register for each session you would like to attend.

Forestry10/6/1711AM EDTSoutheastPine Tip Moth, Pine Bark Aphid and Ant Control in Southern Forests PTMRegister 
VM10/20/1711AM EDTEntire U.S.A Financial Analysis of Utility R/W Vegetation Management ProgramsArsenal PowerLine, Detail, Hi-LightRegister 
Forestry10/27/1711AM EDTSoutheastFinancial Returns for Mid-Rotation Release in Southern PineArsenal AC, Chopper GEN2, Detail, Hi-LightRegister 
VM11/3/172PM EDTEntire U.S.Custom Blends and Closed Container SystemsFrequency, Arsenal 2NS, Detail, Plateau, Hi-LightRegister 
VM11/10/172PM EDTEntire U.S.Vegetation Management in Solar FarmsFrequency, Arsenal 2NS, Detail, Plateau, Hi-LightRegister 
VM11/17/1711AM EDTEntire U.S.Railroad Weed Control in the U.S. Frequency, Arsenal 2NS, Detail, Plateau, Hi-LightRegister 
Forestry12/1/1711AM EDTSoutheastManaging Forests to Enhance WildlifeArsenal AC, Chopper GEN2, Detail, Hi-LightRegister 


Quality Vegetation Management

Good habitat is the cornerstone of any wildlife management program. QVM maximizes habitat quality in pine stands.

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BASF Sustainable Forestry Management

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